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5 Tips for Dealing with Personality Changes in Seniors

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When seniors are experiencing personality and behavioral changes, they are often rooted in fear and uncertainty about what the future holds. Family members can help their loved one deal with these painful issues through compassion, understanding and patience. Phoenix Live-In Care understands that this can be difficult when a senior resorts to name-calling, insults, manipulation and other outlandish behaviors. Caregivers often become the target and may feel hurt in the process. Understanding what is causing this behavior can provide greater understanding and a sense of peace in knowing that you are not the issue. Here are five ways to help families deal with personality changes in seniors.

1. Find out what their fear is and get to the root of the problem.

Simply ask the senior how they are feeling about the changes that he or she is experiencing. Do not be confrontational and show compassion and empathy for the senior’s situation.

2. Reassure them and resolve their fear.

Reassure the senior that you are there for support and will help them to resolve the fears they are experiencing.

3. Confront them about their attitude.

When a senior starts acting negatively towards you, confront them about the behavior. Let them know that their actions are hurting you.

4. Offer to find them help and therapy.

You can offer therapy as an option for dealing with difficult emotions. This will also help take some of the strain away from you.

5. Get others involved in the care, such as a family member or outside caregiver.

It is essential that you get other family members or caregivers involved in providing care, especially if you are feeling overwhelmed in the process. Respite care will provide relief for you and your loved one.

Taking care of your-self is essential when you are caring for an aging parent or loved one. Home Care Assistance in Phoenix offers respite care for relief and support. Our caregivers are available part-time with hourly care or full-time live-in care. Call (602) 388-1085 to speak with a Care Manager today and get the help you need with caring for your loved one.