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The Importance of Support Services when Aging in Place is the Goal

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As an individual ages, needs often change, and the ability to remain fully independent can diminish. When this happens, quality of life and safety must always be considered. While some believe that diminished abilities necessitate placement in a facility, there are measures one can take to remain safely at home. When aging in place is the goal, having the proper support systems in place is key.

Family members often play a critical role in assisting an individual who wishes to safely age in place. A trusted adult child, sibling or spouse can help with financial decisions, manage transportation needs, explain medical terminology during a doctor’s visits or take care of housekeeping tasks and activities of daily living. Additionally, family members can offer support, encouragement and socialization opportunities that improve quality of life.

While family members are an important part of any senior’s support system, sometimes a senior’s needs exceed the caregiver’s abilities or there is no family to assist. When this is the case, hiring a professional can be beneficial. A professional in home caregiver can provide supervision, socialization and assistance to the senior when the primary caregiver is unavailable, or the person can be hired to regularly complete specific tasks, such as bathing, dressing or housekeeping. Aides also assist with transportation, picking up prescription medications, grocery shopping and preparing meals. Having such a person in place provides a senior with assistance in completing the necessary tasks for a safe, healthy and independent life.

Aging in place is an expressed goal of many seniors in our community. If you or a loved one wish to remain at home, put the appropriate support systems in place before concerns appear. Doing so keeps the home environment safe and promotes independence and happiness well into the golden years of life.

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