Balancing Life

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The Balanced Care Method™

The people of Okinawa, Japan, are experiencing the benefits of long and healthy lives when compared to others around the world. Phoenix At Home Care states that scientists are taking a close look at these people to learn what habits might possibly contribute to their longevity. Based on the results of these studies, Home Care Assistance has created a unique approach to caring for seniors – the Balanced Care Method™. It is founded upon the studies of the long-lived people of Okinawa. Some of those studied lived well beyond 100 years, and people in their seventies and eighties enjoyed unusually good health and remained independent much longer than contemporaries outside of this region. Additionally, the studies conclude that about a third of what happens to us as we age is genetic, but two-thirds involves factors over which we have control. The Balanced Care Method™ captures several of the factors which appear to influence longevity and good health. Moderation and variety: two words which sum up The Balanced Care Method™ philosophy. Its components are: a healthy diet, keeping physically active, stimulating the mind, maintaining ties in the social world, setting aside time for calmness, and reaffirming an ongoing purpose for life.

Our caregivers at Phoenix Home Care Assistance are specially training to implement The Balanced Care Method™ in their care of our clients. This is one of the many things that makes our company unique. We want each of our clients to realize the benefits of a long, healty, and balanced life.