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5 Symptoms of Alzheimer’s Disease in Seniors

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A common memory condition affecting seniors, Alzheimer’s is easier to treat when detected early on, which is why caregivers and loved ones should be on alert for symptoms of the disease. To help ensure you’re able to detect Alzheimer’s in your aging loved one, Phoenix Home Care Assistance shares five of the most common symptoms.

1. Difficulty with Conversation

Seniors with Alzheimer’s disease frequently have trouble joining in conversation and may lose their train of thought, repeat themselves, or forget the names of familiar people and objects. Instead of saying “watch,” a senior with Alzheimer’s may say: “that thing I put on my wrist.”

2. Trouble with Familiar Tasks

Individuals with Alzheimer’s may have difficulty remembering how to perform basic daily tasks. This problem is most apparent in tasks involving numbers or a series of steps. If your loved one has Alzheimer’s, he or she may forget the route to the doctor’s office, how to write a check, or how to play a favorite card game.

3. Increased Isolation

People with Alzheimer’s often remove themselves from activities and situations they used to enjoy. In the early stages of Alzheimer’s, seniors are often aware that they are experiencing increased confusion or disorientation. As a result, they sometimes become afraid others will notice the changes and prefer to remain in familiar or controlled environments.

4. Memory Loss

It is natural to occasionally forget a name or appointment only to remember it later. Seniors with Alzheimer’s, however, will often find themselves forgetting recently learned information or things that are common knowledge. If your loved one’s 24-hour or hourly caregiver in Phoenix has to regularly remind your relative about familiar or basic pieces of information, this may be more than normal memory loss.

5. Difficulty Remembering Date and Time

People with Alzheimer’s typically have difficulty keeping track of the passage of time. They frequently forget the month, season, or even the year, and may experience feeling transported back to years past. Some seniors will have episodes where they believe they are still in their teens or twenties and become disoriented and upset when certain individuals are no longer around or other things have changed.

If you’re elderly loved one has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, he or she may benefit from the professional assistance of an Alzheimer’s caregiver in Phoenix. Expertly trained assist seniors with cognitive impairment, a caregiver from Home Care Assistance can help ensure your loved one is safe and comfortable in his or her own home. To learn more about how our senior care services may benefit your elderly loved one, give a Care Manager a call at 602.388.1085 and schedule a free no-obligation consultation.