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5 Warning Signs of Dementia

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A number of warning signs can indicate that an older person is developing dementia, but to adult children living apart from their parents, these signs can be challenging to identify. The following 5 common, but sometimes subtle signs presented by Home Care Assistance of Phoenix can help you recognize when your loved one needs help.

1, Memory Loss

People with memory problems may repeat the same question or talk about the same issue over and over again. They may have difficulty remembering appointments, performing familiar tasks or finding household items. Although everyone has moments when the right word won’t come to mind, an increased instance of not being able to clearly articulate a thought or idea is a clear warning sign.

2. Denial of Problems

Seniors who experience episodes of memory loss may try to keep their struggle to themselves. They may employ strategies like placing lists and post-it notes around the home to remind them of important tasks and events. A senior who is in denial may become irritated or angry when asked about changes in behavior. If you notice your aging loved one is struggling with daily tasks, consider the part-time assistance of an hourly caregiver in Phoenix to help with cooking, light housekeeping, transportation and more.

3. Lack of Focus

An inability to focus and follow directions is another common warning signal. For working seniors, the first sign of dementia can be a decrease in productivity or performance. Loved ones should pay attention if an aging loved one complains about unusual problems at work or in their daily activities. Lack of focus is poses extreme danger to seniors who drive; loved ones should take reports of an increased occurrence of fender benders seriously.

4. Personality Changes

Changes in personality, mood or behavior can also indicate the onset of dementia. Seniors may develop delusions, such as believing that someone is stealing from them or out to harm them. Adult children should watch for any uncharacteristic behavior or changes in attitude and speech.

5. Loss of Judgment

Cognitive skills in those suffering from early symptoms of dementia may be impaired. People may find it is difficult to reason things through and solve everyday problems. They make choices that don’t make sense to you, such as wearing inappropriate clothing or making unusual purchases.

If you feel your aging loved one is exhibiting any of the above warning signs, it is important to schedule a check-up with their doctor as soon as possible. While your request to meet with a doctor may be met with apprehension or resistance, remember that early diagnosis is often the best way to minimize the effects of dementia and can help slow progression.

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