Digestive Health: An Important Health Factors for Aging Adults

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As the body grows older, certain problems inevitably begin to arise. However, very few people understand that many health problems start in the gut. Live-in Phoenix caregivers, family members and physicians all need to pay special attention to digestion when assessing a senior’s health.

Senior Health and Digestion

The digestive system’s role is to move food through the body while absorbing nutrients and eliminating toxins. As the body ages, this movement becomes harder and can become even more difficult when certain medications are taken. If digestion slows or completely stops, constipation can become a debilitating and painful side effect. If left untreated, severe constipation can even lead to sepsis or cancer.

How to Fix Poor Digestion

The good news is that there are a number of ways to ease constipation and fix bad digestion, either holistically or with medications.

Holistic treatment focuses on what your aging loved one might be lacking nutritionally that is causing slow digestion.  This includes getting exercise, the right amount of water, and proper amount of fiber to help kick the body back into speed. Holistic health treatments may also address mental issues, such as depression, which could be directly linked to constipation and bad digestion. As a way to ease constipation, many natural herbal laxatives may be used such as psyllium husk and senna tea as long as a physician approves the treatments.

Medicine is the other way that digestive problems can be treated in seniors. However, these medicines need to be carefully monitored so that the body doesn’t become accustom to it. This can lead to further problems and a further slowing of the digestive system.
When to Seek Medical Help
If certain digestive problems persist, then this could mean that something more serious is going on. This is why medical treatment should always be accompanied by regular checkups with a medical professional to ward off life-threatening conditions. It’s also beneficial to get the non-medical in-home help from a professional caregiver at Phoenix Home Care Assistance.

Home Care Assistance is a trusted senior care provider and our highly trained caregivers can ensure that your aging loved one is getting proper nutrition, set medication reminders and assist with a variety of daily tasks. For more information on our senior care services, call (602) 388-1085 and schedule a free, no-obligation consultation.