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How Exercise Can Prevent Injury in the Elderly

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Injuries related to slips and falls are common amongst the elderly and can often lead to long-term pain and functional impairment. However, even moderate exercise can help your senior loved one prevent those injuries. The staff at Home Care Assistance, a leading Phoenix home care provider, suggests these exercise activities for staying fit and reducing the chance of falling.

Building Muscle Mass

After the age of 60, a person’s muscle mass declines by three percent each year. Loss of muscle mass affects overall muscle strength, and weak muscles are a major factor that can lead to falling. Progressive resistance training, such as light weight lifting and the use of elastic exercise bands, may be effective in increasing your loved one’s muscle mass and building strength.

Balance Training

Balance training not only helps the elderly reduce their chances of falling, but it can also help mend fall-related injuries. If your loved one falls, it could lead to broken bones, which will limit his or her mobility. Falls can be prevented through balance training because it boosts reaction time and coordination and strengthens bones. A single-leg stance is one example of balance training your loved one can participate in.

Limited Mobility Exercises

If your loved has limited mobility, this does not mean he or she cannot exercise. Exercise can be done on the floor, in a chair, and on the bed. Cardiovascular exercises such as water aerobics can raise the heart rate and increase endurance without risking falls, strength-training exercises like light weightlifting can build muscle and bone mass, and exercises that promote flexibility like yoga and stretching can help enhance range of motion.

Finding the right exercises to help strengthen your loved one’s body can be a challenge, and you may not always be available to help with the routines. If you are concerned about the possibility of your loved one falling and becoming injured, he or she may need someone to assist with daily exercise. An hourly caregiver in Phoenix from Home Care Assistance may be the solution. Our caregivers are expertly trained in mobility assistance and are available any hour of the day, making it easy for your loved one to get some exercise on a convenient schedule. Call one of our knowledgeable Care Managers at 602.388.1085 to schedule a free consultation.