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How to Encourage Daily Healthy Eating Habits

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Getting your aging loved one to change their eating habits can be difficult, especially when bad habits have become ingrained over many years. Seniors tend to gravitate toward traditional and hearty comfort foods like steak and potatoes and fried chicken. While these foods are okay in moderation, they are high in carbohydrate, butter, starch and fat content and can put a senior’s health at risk.

If your loved one is skeptical about giving up their favorite comfort foods, worry not. There are fortunately many healthy modifications that can be made to traditional comfort foods, providing seniors with the flavor they’re seeking without sacrificing essential vitamins and nutrients. Here are some healthy meal preparation tips from the senior health experts at Phoenix Home Care Assistance:

  • Add a side salad or cooked vegetables to every dish.
  • Cook with olive oil or coconut oil instead of butter or lard
  • Replace soda and sugary juices with water or herbal tea
  • Prepare 3 well-balanced meals a day
  • Have small, healthy snack available such as nuts and rice cakes
  • Pay attention to interactions with prescription medications
  • Hire a culinary trained hourly caregiver from Home Care Assistance of Phoenix

If your aging loved one has developed a loss in appetite, be sure to check with a doctor to make sure it is not a side effect from prescribed medications or a medical condition. Keep a variety of foods in meal circulation; it makes cooking and learning new things fun! Trying new things and breaking routine is also shown to increase memory capabilities in seniors.

If you or your aging loved one could use the help of an in-home caregiver for daily meal preparation and tasks associated with daily living, contact Home Care Assistance, the trusted provider of Phoenix senior care, today at (602) 388-1085.