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Fast Meal Ideas for Your Elderly Loved One

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Arthritis or age-related challenges can limit seniors’ mobility, making cooking difficult or daunting. For some seniors, their nutrition suffers as they begin to opt for snack foods that are easier to prepare. If your senior has physical or cognitive challenges that make cooking hard, check out a few tips from a leading provider of home care. Phoenix family caregivers can make the following healthy and simple senior meals for their loved one.

1. Pick Prepared Vegetables and Fruits

One way to ensure your senior loved one eats well is to make sure he or she stocks up on fruits and vegetables. Prepackaged and precut vegetables are a good option because they do not require your loved one to use a knife to chop the veggies into bite-size pieces. Plus, these ready-to-eat vegetables are easy for seniors with mobility challenges to throw in a bowl for a fast salad, or to dip into hummus or ranch for a healthy snack. Likewise, precut seasonal fruits, like watermelon, cantaloupe, and honeydew, make sweet and healthy snacks or desserts, without requiring your loved one to do any significant maneuvering.

2. Add Easy Protein

For some seniors with mobility challenges, using the stove can be a dangerous task without the presence and assistance of a family member or hourly caregiver in Phoenix. Without the use of a stove, it can be difficult for seniors to make dishes with enough protein. To help your loved one get a sufficient amount of this nutrient, try purchasing tuna in pouch, which opens easily and can be added to a salad or used on crackers as a snack. You might also consider getting Greek yogurt and cottage cheese for your loved one, which offer high amounts of protein and nutrients like Vitamin D, as well as a simple package that your loved one can easily open.

3. Try Dry Soups

Opening soup cans can be difficult for seniors with Parkinson’s disease or other mobility challenges that lead to hand tremors. Instead, try looking for dried soups in easy-to-open packages or liquid soups that come in boxes. These options are safer for your loved one, have lower sodium than their canned counterparts, and are just as tasty. Plus, these kinds of soup are fast, only requiring a couple minutes in the microwave before serving.

For seniors with mobility challenges like Parkinson’s disease, day-to-day tasks like preparing food can become difficult or dangerous to do independently. With the assistance of an expertly trained Parkinson’s caregiver in Phoenix, your loved one can continue eating healthy and delicious meals, without having to struggle through cooking. At Home Care Assistance, our professional caregivers can provide assistance with everyday activities, including grocery shopping, cooking, and navigating the home to ensure your loved one is safe when you are not able to be there. Give a Care Manager a call at 602.388.1085 to ask questions about our home care services and to schedule a complimentary no-obligation consultation.