Give the Gift of Respite Care this Holiday Season

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If you know someone who is caring for an elderly or sick family member, consider giving the gift of respite care. A reprieve from daily caregiving duties, which can be mentally and physically draining, will be greatly appreciated by anyone who oversees the care and well-being of an aging or disabled person. And there is no better time to show your appreciation than during November’s National Family Caregiver Month!

Home Care Assistance located in Phoenix, Arizona, wants to let family caregivers know that they’re making a difference in the lives of the seniors that they care for. However, most family caregivers neglect to care for themselves which results in a decline in their health and stability. For respite care when you need it most, turn to the hourly caregivers in Phoenix. Here are just some of the benefits of receiving respite care:

  • Physical Rest

    Caring for an elderly adult, especially if they’re in need of mobility assistance,takes a physical toll on a caregiver’s body. Respite care, whether on a daily or weekly basis, provides valuable time for healing and recovery in order to avoid permanent fatigue or even injuries.

  • Mental Refreshment

    Looking after another person can limit a family caregiver’s social and emotional outlets. Getting away for a period of time encourages a caregiver to recharge his or her batteries and to plug into much-needed social outlets for fun and relaxation. Catching up with friends and engaging in beloved pastimes helps to balance the caregiver’s lifestyle and enhances his or her outlook on their personal life. A change of scenery can do wonders to make a person feel a sense of invigoration.

  • Renewed Perspective

    Taking a step back from caregiving for a few hours at a time allows a family member to objectively consider the caregiving situation and reflect on how things are going. Adjustments can be made to the plan of care or to the caregiver’s attitude and assessment that will enable him or her to return to the position with renewed commitment and zeal. Or perhaps they realize that the time has come to hire a 24/7 caregiver in Phoenix who is able to take over the demands of care.

If you know someone – or you are someone – in need of respite home care, contact Home Care Assistance located in Phoenix, AZ at 602.388.1085. We know that sometimes the thought of someone else coming into your elderly parent’s home to provide care can be difficult, but the fact that all of our caregivers are experienced, licensed, bonded,  and insured should offer peace of mind.

Celebrate National Family Caregivers Month of 2014 by giving the gift of respite senior care provided by the devoted in-home caregivers at Phoenix Home Care Assistance.