How You Can Help an Aging Loved One Adjust to 24-Hour Home Care

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Certain health conditions can make it unsafe for seniors to age in place independently, and sometimes they need 24-hour supervision so they can remain as safe and healthy as possible. Because many families do not have the time, resources, and expertise to provide the care their elderly loved ones need in these instances, they often turn to hiring professional 24-hour home care. If your loved one needs around-the-clock care and is having a difficult time adjusting to the transition, here are a few ways you can ease his or her mind.

Meet with the Caregiver in a Group Setting

Instead of having your loved one’s caregiver show up alone or unannounced, try to schedule the first meeting when you or another family member can also be at your loved one’s home. For many seniors, one of the most difficult parts of receiving 24-hour in-home care is feeling like a stranger is living in their home. Showing you are comfortable with the caregiver may put your loved one at ease. By setting a friendly tone early on, you can prevent uncomfortable situations and hard feelings down the road.

Open the Lines of Communication

The transition into Phoenix 24-hour care might be easier if your loved one does not feel cut off from family and friends. If your loved one has a mobile phone, spend some time teaching him or her how to find specific contacts or send text messages. You can also stock your loved one’s home with envelopes, stamps, an address book, and anything else that might help him or her regularly interact with family and friends. No one wants to feel like his or her family is being replaced with a caregiver. 

Get the Home Ready

Seniors who require 24-hour assistance will likely need some help getting their homes ready. Instead of having a stranger go through your loved one’s belongings, he or she might be more comfortable prepping the home with the help of family members. Some of the tasks he or she might need help with include stocking the refrigerator, light housekeeping, and organizing medical supplies.

Focus on Upcoming Events and Outings

Having something to look forward to can make a difficult transition much easier to manage. Remind your loved one about upcoming birthdays or holidays he or she will be a part of, and plan a few visits or outings soon after the Phoenix home care services begin so he or she has something immediate and tangible to focus on.

If you are concerned about your loved one’s safety, comfort, and ability to accomplish everyday tasks, reach out to Home Care Assistance. Our 24-hour and live-in caregivers can assist with mobility and exercise, prepare nutritious meals, provide mental and social stimulation, and help with a wide array of other tasks. We also offer hourly respite care services, as well as comprehensive Parkinson’s, stroke, and dementia care Phoenix, AZ, seniors and their families can rely on. For more information and to schedule a complimentary consultation, please call 602.388.1085 today.