How to Help Your Aging Loved One Stay Warm in the Wintertime

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During the winter, many older adults find it difficult to stay warm. By following these simple steps, brought to you by the Phoenix, AZ, senior care experts at Home Care Assistance, you can keep your senior loved one warm and cozy no matter how low the temperatures drop outside.

Turn Up the Thermostat

When trying to save money, it can be tempting to allow the temperature in the house fall a little over the winter months. However, seniors tend to be more sensitive to cold. Turn your loved one’s thermostat up a few degrees and help him or her stay warmer.

Dress Them in Layers

Early in the morning or late at night are usually the coldest parts of the day, and many seniors become cold when they are tired. Help your loved one dress in layers throughout the day to increase warmth. When heading outdoors, make sure to bundle your loved one up appropriately. A coat, gloves, and a hat are all reasonable to protect against the cold. Wearing a scarf over the nose and mouth can also prevent inhaling the cold outside air.

Encourage Exercise

Winter isn’t the time of year to sit on the couch and watch what’s going on outside. Instead, look for opportunities to help your loved one get some physical activity. Even taking a walk around the house is a good start, and it’s a great way to get the blood flowing and help your loved one feel warmer.

Keep Blankets Handy

When your loved one is sitting, especially for long periods, keep blankets handy to help keep him or her warm. Tossing a blanket over the back of a favorite chair or tucking one next to his or her seat, as well as adding extra blankets to the bed, can help keep your loved one warm all throughout the house.

Keeping your loved one warm during the winter is just a small step toward helping him or her stave off certain illnesses. A professional caregiver from Home Care Assistance can also help your loved one remain healthy by preparing nutritious meals, assisting with exercise, and helping with a variety of everyday tasks. In addition to respite and live-in care, we also offer specialized Parkinson’s, post-stroke, and Alzheimer’s care Phoenix seniors can count on. For more information on our in-home care services, call one of our experienced Care Managers at 602.388.1085 to schedule a complimentary consultation.