Managing Alzheimer’s Hallucinations & Delusions

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It can be frightening and overwhelming for the caregiver when a loved one with Alzheimer’s experiences delusions and hallucinations. The senior often harbors paranoia, may become distrustful and changes in behavior such as anxiety and depression may develop. While this can be a common phase, it can also be dangerous. Fortunately, there are a few things that the family can do to promote the safety of a loved one while helping them cope with delusions and hallucinations.

  • Safety Around the Home

Those that have not done so already should ensure that medications, potentially hazardous substances such as cleaners and objects that could be used for harm are locked away. Latches should also be placed on doors and windows. Enrolling the loved one in the Safe Return program sponsored by the Alzheimer’s Association is also greatly recommended at this point. You may also want to consider around-the-clock monitoring as well. Find out more about 24 hour care in Phoenix.

  • Role of Consistent Routines

Keeping a consistent routine can assist during this time. Not only will this help the senior focus, but it provides a familiar pattern. This can be very reassuring to someone that is experiencing hallucinations and delusions, often fostering a greater sense of security. Another great benefit of consistency in the daily routine is that it allows an opportunity to identify potential triggers of delusions and/or hallucinations.

  • Helping Your Loved One Cope

Many caregivers believe that reassuring their loved one that the things that they are hearing, seeing or otherwise experiencing are not valid will help. This is not entirely so. Rather than tell the senior that something is not there and attempting to change this belief, simply let them know that while you believe them, you do not see or hear what they’ve described. Attempting to tell an Alzheimer’s patient that these things are not real can cause a sense of distrust and they may be less likely to disclose this information to you in the future.

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