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Does My Aging Loved One Need Post Hospital Care?

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The majority of senior adults will at some point or another require a hospitalization stay. And even after successful medical treatment, most elderly patients need follow-up care and 24/7 care and monitoring to fully recover from illness, surgery or accidents. Seniors are often physically weak and confused by discharge instructions, especially if they are on pain medications which could impair their judgment. This is when a 24/7 live-in Phoenix caregiver is able to help your aging loved one with daily tasks, medication reminders, transportation to appointments, meal preparation and much more.
Adult children and other family members are an imperative part of the care and recovery process; however, 24/7 post hospital home care is likely too much for one person to handle alone, especially since this is usually a sudden occurrence that family members don’t have time to prepare for. Not only is it difficult for children to provide extensive care for the recovering parents, but aging adults might also struggle with being temporarily dependent on their children. Trained and experienced caregivers from Home Care Assistance in Phoenix are knowledgeable in how to provide necessary care and 24/7 support – which is crucial in preventing a secondary trip to the hospital  – but our care team knows how to do so in a manner that encouraged independence and allows for dignity.

A Phoenix Home Care Assistance post hospital care team communicates with the entire patient support network, often including the hospital discharge coordinator,visiting nurses and other medical and social agencies to ensure premium in-home senior care. We meet with the family and the aging adult, review the discharge follow-up instructions and assign a carefully matched and qualified caregiver who can meet the specified needs of your parent or loved one.

In-home Phoenix senior care is less expensive than inpatient rehabilitation centers, nursing homes or readmission to the hospital. Most in-home care is privately funded, but long-term care insurance, the VA or social service agencies may cover some of the cost. The caregivers are licensed, bonded, insured and employed by the agency, so the client is not responsible for employment documentation, taxes or insurance.

For peace of mind and around-the-clock monitoring to ensure a timely recovery, call Home Care Assistance of Phoenix, AZ at (602) 388-1085 to ask how our experienced post hospital caregivers can help your aging loved one.