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How Virtual Reality Offers Insight into Dementia

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Even though the healthcare industry has spent both time and money trying to understand dementia, scientists still know very little about this group of disorders. Researchers believe seniors develop dementia-related disorders when strings of protein cause chronic inflammation of the brain. These conditions are the result of many different internal and external factors, ranging from family history to how much an individual exercises. Phoenix elderly home care professionals discuss a software that can help caregivers understand the experience of seniors living with dementia.

Virtual Reality and Dementia Care

Google teamed up with a number of leading Alzheimer’s organizations to create the A Walk Through Dementia program. This virtual reality software puts the user in the shoes of a senior with dementia and gives a unique perspective of living with a cognitive impairment. The program can be installed onto mobile devices, accessed through YouTube, or downloaded directly from the Alzheimer’s Research UK website. 

Battling Stigmas

A Walk Through Dementia puts users in three unique everyday situations. From buying groceries to making tea, the software shows just how scary and confusing the world can be for a senior with dementia. A user can gain a better understanding of the side effects of dementia such as forgetfulness, emotional outbursts, and impaired vision. 

The Future of Dementia Treatments

There is no permanent cure for dementia, which is why researchers continue to search for treatments that allow seniors with the condition to manage the side effects. Technology such as Google’s A Walk Through Dementia can give caregivers more insight into assisting those who have this condition. A better relationship between a caregiver and a loved one with dementia can help them prevent frustration, confusion, and feelings of isolation.

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