4 Older Adults Who Run on a Regular Basis

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Many fitness experts agree running is one of the best forms of exercise, and this recommendation isn’t limited to only younger adults. Many people continue to run well into their senior years as a way to maintain good health. Phoenix, AZ, caregivers discuss the lives of 4 awesome elderly runners who continue to remain physically fit as they age.

1. Christine Kennedy 

When she was 59, Christine Kennedy broke a record at the Twin Cities Marathon, and a few years later she is still running with no plans to slow down. She has overcome many obstacles, including a life-threatening accident in 2015. Due to Kennedy’s strength training and serious running routine, her injuries were not fatal. She has been running since the age of 39, and she continues to train year-round to run in marathons around the world. 

2. Arthur Webb

At the age of 74, Arthur Webb continues to prove age does not necessarily slow a person down. He has run in 5 consecutive marathons that were at least 135 miles, and he also finished the Death Valley course 20 times faster than any other senior over the age of 70. To remain fit and ready to run his next race, Webb stays committed to training, which consists of spending time in a 170-degree sauna and running at least 100 miles each week. 

3. David Walters 

David Walters is one of the fastest runners in his age group, and he continues to amaze people with his incredible speed. Although Walters qualified for the 1988 Olympics and enjoys running in marathons throughout the world, he has never been a professional runner. To stay physically fit, Walters searches for the best hills and runs them up and down. He does not allow time to slow him down. Instead, he continues to run every day to maintain good muscle strength and flexibility. 

4. Sister Madonna Buder 

Buder is a well-known athlete many seniors and younger adults admire. At the age of 86, she has competed in many triathlons, which include a full marathon. She began running at the age of 48, and only meant to take a fun jog on the beach, but it has turned into a lifestyle she enjoys. Buder is the face of Nike’s Unlimited Youth video, and she continues to stay fit by training regularly. 

Exercise is an important part of any senior’s day, and even light exercise can significantly impact your aging loved one’s health. If your loved one needs encouragement and assistance with regular physical activity, reach out to Home Care Assistance. Exercise is a crucial component of our Balanced Care Method (BCM), which also encourages seniors to eat nutritious foods and get plenty of mental and social stimulation. For more information on BCM and the elderly care families trust, Phoenix Home Care Assistance is available. Call 602.362.7554 to speak with a friendly Care Manager.