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Keeping the Elderly Hydrated

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Summer is in fully swing and temperatures creep higher and higher. It is important to stay hydrated. Here are 4 tips for beating the heat. First, drink plenty of water to help your body keep up with the demands that summertime heat places on it. This can help protect you from heat-related exhaustion and fatigue. Second, drink cool water. Remember – if it’s too cold your body has to work to warm it up and, vice versa, if it’s too hot you body must use energy to cool it down. Slightly cool or room temperature water is best. Third, pay attention to your body. Believe it or not, sweat is a good indicator that your body is functioning properly in hot weather. If you stop sweating, that is a sign of possibly heat exhaustion and you should find a shady spot and sip some water. Fourth, dress in bright, light, airy clothing. Bright colors not only reflect the sun, but they also having a calming affect.

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