Our Caregivers Help Reconnect With the Past

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One of our caregivers recently remarked that learning about a client’s past was one of the most enjoyable parts of his job. He noted that his at-home care duties included caring for the client’s physical needs and getting her to doctor’s appointments but that in the process of performing those duties there was a real joy that came from discovering who his client really was. At Home Care Assistance we embrace our slogan, “Changing the Way the World Ages.” One of those ways is to keep the social part of life going – to talk, to laugh, to remember, to share.Did you know that the digital images from 1940 Census were recently released to the public? These census images are available on Archives.com, FindMyPast.com, National Archives, ProQuest, and FamilySearch.org. Visit FamilySearch.org to utilize a simple search feature to find people you know. One of our employees recently connected Norma, her 85-year-old friend, to  life in 1940. At that time, Norma was only 13 years old. She lived in a little Western town of less than 300 people. As Norma studied the 1940 Census with her name and those who lived on her street, she was delighted to reconnect to her past and shared experiences she hadn’t thought about for years. She told stories of having no running water at her home – her family didn’t even have a water well on their property. Norma fondly remembered a kind Swedish family who lived across the street who gladly shared their water. Each Sunday evening, Norma and her siblings would load up their large water containers and head across the street to fill the containers with water to last for the next week.

If you are a caregiver or someone who has a good friend who lived during the 1940s, why not take a few minutes and help them reconnect to their past? Who knows what treasured memories you’ll discover!