6 Mistakes You’ll Want to Avoid as a Family Caregiver

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New family caregivers often encounter many learning experiences during their first year. While many caregiving experiences are positive, there are also some that arise from common mistakes that should be avoided. Be aware of mistakes new caregivers tend to make so you can prevent potential issues down the road.

1. Hiding Information About a Diagnosis

Health issues frequently arise during the senior years that may be difficult to accept, and it is natural to want to protect the people around you from the bad news. For instance, you may try to hide information about your loved one’s dementia diagnosis to prevent other family members from worrying. However, you should be open about the issues your loved one is facing so others can find ways to help.

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2. Taking on Caregiving Duties without Understanding the Full Picture

The news that your loved one needs help may instantly generate a desire to jump in and address all of his or her health concerns. After all, you would do anything to see your loved one happy. However, many age-related issues are more complicated than they appear at first glance. For instance, severe vision loss may mean your loved one can no longer drive, and taking him or her to and from appointments could fill the bulk of your day. Find out exactly what you should expect with each new diagnosis so you can arrange for the right type of care to meet your loved one’s needs.

3. Ignoring Your Personal Health Concerns

When there is so much to do each day, you may begin to ignore your own personal health. Trying to work through constant pain or an illness could cause you to experience a major decrease in your health. Make time to go to your doctor’s appointments, and establish a backup plan for times when you need to tend to your needs. For instance, you could hire a respite caregiver to step in on days when you need to recover from an illness or injury.

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4. Promising to Do Everything Yourself

To offer reassurance, you may tell your loved one you will never leave his or her side. While your intentions are noble, your loved one can benefit from having multiple people provide assistance. Seeing new faces each day gives your loved one a chance to socialize, and you can learn new care strategies from other experienced caregivers.

5. Failing to Communicate with Other Caregivers

Teamwork relies upon communication, and you should never assume other people know what you are thinking. Start a care journal and medication log you can use to communicate with other members of your loved one’s support team. Then, establish a preferred method for communication, such as group chats or emails, to keep everyone on the same page.

6. Forgetting to Plan for the Future

No one wants to think of the worst case scenario. However, your loved one may eventually require extensive care and support. Plan now for your loved one’s future needs and prepare for emergency situations. You should have a care plan in place for long-term diagnoses such as Alzheimer’s disease that takes into account the different needs that could arise throughout each stage.

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