5 Ways Seniors Can Save Money

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In today’s economy, everyone is looking for a way to reduce costs and save more, but it often seems harder than ever to be able to afford the things we need and want. This is especially true for those living on a fixed income, such as elderly people. If your senior loved one is looking for ways to save some money while providing home care, Phoenix Home Care Assistance suggests following these tips.

1. Take the Senior Discount

Many businesses offer discounts to senior citizens, but sometimes seniors may have to ask about these savings, especially if they happen to be lucky enough not to look their age. Some museums and stores include senior discounts into their pricing spectrum, so it never hurts to ask. Accepting a senior discount should not be an embarrassing thing for your loved one. It is meant to help out.

2. Keep Things Turned Off

When appliances are not in use, turn them off. Computers left in standby mode, for instance, are still using energy, which translates to a higher electric bill. Your loved one may feel it is harmless to leave the porch light or television on when not in use, but keeping those turned off can make a big difference in monthly spending.

3. Close the Curtains

During the day, suggest your loved one keep the blinds and curtains drawn to keep out heat from the sun. Not only can it save his or her carpet from being discolored, but it can also cut energy costs. This simple tip can reduce the amount of heat entering your loved one’s home by up to 45 percent. In the summer, this can be a huge help, as the AC will likely have to run less frequently.

4. Get Rid of Unused Memberships

Some seniors subscribe to services they are not legitimately using. If your loved one pays for store or club memberships he or she doesn’t use any longer, they should be canceled. These types of unused memberships have a way of dwindling cash without seniors realizing it because they are often individually cheap.

5. Offer Time Instead of Money

Many people donate to some sort of charity. However, your loved one can donate without even using his or her savings. Instead, he or she can offer to donate time to a local animal shelter or soup kitchen rather than paying them. Oftentimes, the recipient will be much more ecstatic to receive volunteer help than money. If your loved one does donate monetarily, remind him or her it is tax-deductible.

Though money isn’t everything, having enough to help pay for as-needed in-home care may benefit your loved one. Reach out to Home Care Assistance for information on hourly and live-in care Phoenix families rely on. Our caregivers are trained in the proprietary Balanced Care Method, which promotes excellent physical health, mental awareness, and inner calm. Call a Care Manager today at 602.388.1085 to learn more and schedule a no-obligation consultation.