Tips for Moving a Loved One Into Your Home

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Many families today are discovering that moving an aging parent or loved one into their home is the perfect solution for providing quality care. While a multigenerational living arrangement offers many advantages to a family, it is important to understand that there may be a few challenges that arise as everyone adjusts to the changing family dynamics. If you are planning to move an aging loved one into your home, then these tips will help to ensure a smooth transition for everyone.

  • Hold a Family Meeting

    Before your loved one moves in, it is best to gather as a family and discuss the living arrangements. During this discussion, talk about the responsibilities held by each member of the family and address any concerns that arise. Take this time to talk about options for long-term care, especially important if your aging parent or loved one suffers from an advanced illness such as dementia or Alzheimer’s. Learn more about dementia home care Phoenix families trust.

  • Plan Safety Modifications

    Certain areas of the home may need to be modified to create a safe environment for the aging family member. For example, grab bars and raised toilet seats may need to be added to the bathrooms. It may also be necessary to move furniture so that a clear walking path is available. Having these modifications completed before the family member moves in will ensure their safety upon arrival.

  • Create a Personalized Space

    Moving into another person’s home is hard at any age. Help your loved one to feel comfortable by setting up a personalized space that will serve as a retreat. During the move, add personal touches such as family photographs, knickknacks and other sentimental mementos that will make it feel more like home.

  • Establish Additional Support

    When a loved one moves in, family caregivers will find that their responsibilities continue around the clock. For this reason, it is important to establish a network of other caregivers who can provide support. Talk to siblings and see if they can take over caregiving duties once or twice a week. Arranging for Phoenix in-home care can also provide families with respite. This way, everyone has a chance to take a break and refresh as they adjust to living in a multigenerational family.

Moving an aging parent or loved one into your home can allow them to maintain their independence and dignity as they enter their golden years. For more information about caring for seniors at home, contact Home Care Assistance of Phoenix today. Available 24/7, our devoted Care Managers can answer any questions you may have about our flexible Phoenix hourly care plans, services and caregivers.