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Adjusting to Your New Family Dynamic

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You’re noticing that your aging parent is not as sharp as they once were. Or, perhaps your loved one is living with a condition that is making getting around the home difficult. Maybe you’ve come to realize that your loved one is going through the aging process and living independently seems to be more challenging by the day. While outside care facilities are always an option, you, like many other families, would rather have your aging loved one close.

When deciding to care for your loved one in your own home, you know that their care will involve extra responsibilities and that some changes will need to be made to your daily routines. In addition, taking on the caregiver role will not only require you to make an adjustment, but will require each person living under your roof, whether your spouse or children, to make one as well. By carefully preparing the household and utilizing outside support, families can adjust better to the changes and the new family dynamic.

For starters, it’s important for your loved one to feel at home. You can do this by preparing an adequate space to accommodate your loved one. Provide them with a room that will be theirs and consider decorating it to reflect their personal tastes, preferences and personality. This will make his or her adjustment easier, helping to lessen negative feelings such as loss and depression. You may also need to install certain safety precautions, such as handle bars in the bathrooms, ramps or wider doorways.

The next step is to make sure the entire family is involved, including your children. Explain to your children how they may be responsible for new tasks and their help will likely be needed with smaller chores such as doing the laundry, taking out the trash, and doing the dishes. You may also want to explain why grandma or grandpa is moving in and what they can do to help, such as keeping the grandparent company. Your children’s involvement will most definitely depend on their age, however letting them know what is going on is important to ensuring they also feel comfortable with the change.

While your loved one is staying with you, encourage as much independence as possible. This can help to keep them happy and can make their transition to living with you and your family as easy as possible. Whether encouraging your loved one to help with cooking or even watering the plants outside, you can help instill a sense of independence, dignity and purpose into your loved one’s life.

Finally, remember that you don’t have to do everything yourself. Reliable senior care agencies in Phoenix have highly trained, experienced and compassionate caregivers who are able to assist with a wide range of activities from cleaning the house, helping with meal preparation, caring for your loved one’s individual needs and providing you with the respite you need to relax or attend to other errands and personal matters.

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