6 Exciting Activities Aging Adults Can Do on New Year’s Eve

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Older adults who are planning creative activities with family and friends on New Year’s Eve can stave off isolation during this holiday. It’ll also give seniors something to look forward to, which can enhance their mood and keep them from feeling depressed. The following six creative New Year’s Eve activities are well suited for seniors.

1. Coloring

Seniors can get a group together and have a wonderful time coloring New Year’s Eve-themed pages while sharing stories and their hopes for the upcoming year. They can make coloring a tradition they look forward to participating in every New Year’s Eve. Coloring also provides an outlet for self-expression and a sense of accomplishment.

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2. Sampling Favorite Dishes

Aging adults can get together with friends and family to discuss what their favorite meals have been throughout the past year. They can then plan to make a buffet of the meals they can sample together on New Year’s Eve. This activity also involves an exciting shopping trip for ingredients and food as well as a bonding experience cooking together.

3. Participating in a Special Countdown

Some aging adults will be fast asleep when midnight arrives, but this shouldn’t keep them from experiencing the excitement of the countdown on New Year’s Eve. They can host a mock countdown with friends and family members that correlate with another time zone because it’s invariably midnight somewhere in the world. Make sure you have plenty of noisemakers and party hats on-hand. Also, serve sparkling water or soda in champagne glasses for when your aging loved one gives the celebratory toast. Allowing your loved one to have the honor of giving the toast may make him or her feel like an important part of New Year’s Eve.

4. Creating New Year’s Eve Crafts

Older adults can have a festive time bonding with their grandkids and other family members. They can make holiday wreaths, embellish glasses, and design streamers to decorate their space for a New Year’s Eve gathering or dinner. Making holiday crafts may also keep seniors feeling positive while boosting their cognitive skills.

5. Hosting a Group Sing-Along

Older adults can make a playlist of uplifting songs that have a special meaning to them and sing them on New Year’s Eve. When they finish singing a song, they can share a story about why the piece they chose is so special to them. An evening of singing meaningful songs to celebrate the upcoming New Year could boost an aging adult’s mood while providing the opportunity to bond and make new memories. 

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6. Participating in a New Year’s Eve Scavenger Hunt

When planning a holiday scavenger hunt, seniors can use items like noisemakers, champagne flutes, clocks, and party hats that are relevant to New Year’s Eve. It is an exciting way to promote social interaction. Going on a scavenger hunt can also stimulate the mind and aid in relieving holiday stress.

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