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Exercises for Parkinson’s Patients

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Parkinson’s disease is known to restrict a person’s movement due to symptoms that can include muscle and joint stiffness as well as tremors. While these symptoms can be uncomfortable, exercise can help to reduce the challenges experienced by seniors with Parkinson’s by improving balance and restoring strength and flexibility. If you have an aging loved one has been diagnosed with Parkinson’s click here to learn more about in-home Parkinson’s care and continue reading for some of our favorite exercises that can help promote independence and confidence.

Facial Exercises

A person’s facial muscles are one of the most overlooked groups when it comes to strength training and toning. Parkinson’s patients benefit from strengthening the muscles that help them to chew, swallow and speak. Facial exercises can be performed by incorporating fun activities such as singing, laughing or reading out loud. While doing these activities, it’s helpful to exaggerate the movements of your mouth and expressions to really work facial muscles

Active Hobbies

Those with Parkinson’s disease often find that engaging in fun hobbies and group activities are more comfortable that performing a set of prescribed exercises. Water aerobics and light weight training are two common workouts that can reduce pain while offering cardiovascular and strength-building benefits. Those who enjoy walking and gardening can also use these hobbies to stay active while also increasing cognitive function and overall happiness.

Yoga and Tai Chi

Exercise programs that can be modified to fit a person’s current physical abilities are ideal for aging adults with Parkinson’s who may have better days than others. Yoga and tai chi are two types of exercises that can be performed in a group or at home with the assistance of an in-home caregiver. These low-impact exercises focus on building the core strength that is necessary for maintaining balance and flexibility.

Daily exercise is crucial because it can be effective for warding off the painful and degenerative symptoms associated with this Parkinson’s. Remind your aging loved one that exercise doesn’t have to be a chore. Enjoying their favorite pastimes, hobbies and outdoor activities will help to restore the balance and strength that is essential for normal functioning and independence.

The highly trained and compassionate caregivers at Home Care Assistance of Phoenix, AZ understand the special needs of someone with Parkinson’s and work closely with your aging loved one and your family to ensure that Parkinson’s disease doesn’t stop them from enjoying quality of life on a daily basis. If you’re interested in setting up a free in-home consultation, please call one of our Care Managers at 602-388-1085. Our phone lines are open 24/7 for your convenience.