Parkinson’s Care

Phoenix Parkinson’s Care Promotes Freedom and Independence

Have you or a loved one become overwhelmed with daily challenges of household tasks and personal care, which are now unmanageable due to the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease? At Home Care Assistance, we know the stress and frustration seniors with Parkinson’s and their families struggle with daily. Activities of daily living that were once a simple task becomes an exhausting undertaking each day. With in-home care, seniors with Parkinson’s disease are able to enjoy their independence at home, while receiving quality care from a professional caregiver.

Challenges Parkinson’s Patients Face Daily

A majority of individuals suffering from Parkinson’s disease are over the age of 65. It is a progressive illness and overtime the symptoms can become debilitating. Parkinson’s patients experience impaired coordination, muscle rigidity, uncontrollable tremors and changes in speech.

In advanced stages of Parkinson’s, patients often exhibit problems with mental clarity, depression, memory loss and impaired balance. Our professionally trained Phoenix Parkinson’s care givers assist seniors with Parkinson’s disease with the following activities:

  • Walking or wheel chair transfers
  • Household chores, laundry and dishes
  • Meal preparation and grocery shopping
  • Transportation for appointments, errands and social activities
  • Mobility exercises
  • Personal grooming, bathing, toileting and dressing

Reliable, Compassionate and Expertly Trained Caregivers

Our Phoenix Parkinson’s care givers receive expert training in caring for seniors suffering from Parkinson’s disease. We understand the challenges Parkinson’s patients are faced with and customize our care for each individual. We offer hourly or live-in care depending on the level of care that is required and evolve as the disease progresses to make sure all the client’s needs are met. Our Care Managers consult with the client, their family and physician to create a comprehensive home care plan that empowers the Parkinson’s patient to regain their independence and live a better quality of life.

For reliable home care, Phoenix families can call Home Care Assistance today at 602.362.7554 for exceptional home care designed for seniors with Parkinson’s disease, to promote a happier and healthier life.