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Is Surgery for Parkinson’s the Right Choice for Seniors?

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As a leading provider of Parkinson’s home care in Phoenix, we understand how frustrating it can be when conventional treatments aren’t providing adequate relief of your senior loved one’s Parkinson’s symptoms. If his or her symptoms are interfering with everyday life and their current medication just isn’t enough, it might be time to consider Deep Brain Stimulation.

What is Deep Brain Stimulation

Unlike lesioning, which purposefully damages selected cells in the brain, DBS doesn’t destroy brain tissue. Instead, this procedure involves the insertion of a small, pacemaker-like device into one of four targeted areas. Once in place, the neurostimulator provides electric stimulation to the brain through a computerized pulse generator. The use of steady-frequency electrical pulses interferes and blocks the electrical activity in brain cells that causes many Parkinson’s symptoms.

Who is a Good Candidate

If your senior loved one is currently on antiparkinson medications and regularly fluctuates between “on-medication” and “off-medication” states, he or she may be a good candidate for DBS. It is important to note that “on-medication” and “off-medication” states are achieved without altering the patient’s dosing schedule, but are instead reflective of how the patient’s body is responding to these medications. Those with a significantly lower quality of life due to inconsistent response to antiparkinson medications and those who with dyskinesia are also good candidates. Given the potential for brain bleeding, there is a 2% risk of stroke, which is considered the primary risk in DBS surgeries.

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