How to Prepare a Senior for Hospital Discharge

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    Going home from the hospital is usually a reason to rejoice due to improved health issues and the ability to resume normal life. But for many seniors, leaving the hospital can lead to risks if concerns and potential hazards aren’t anticipated and addressed before leaving. Ensuring that all ground is covered will promote continued recovery at home while preventing further accidents. It is the responsibility of a private post-hospital caregiver in Phoenix or a family member to work out details with all members of the hospital care team, including the physician and the discharge planner. Here are some tips and guidance on what needs to be done before your elderly loved one heads home.

    • Clear communication is needed.

      An older person being discharged from the hospital may be drowsy from medication, a procedure, or the medical condition. The senior will likely need help understanding home care instructions. It is recommended that nursing staff discuss the discharge process with a caregiver or family member to ensure the senior receives necessary support. If you have any questions about the instructions, ask now and don’t hesitate to take notes.

    • Designate a responsible caregiver.

      When it comes to providing post hospital care, it’s best to hire a professional who is able to be by your loved one’s side at all hours of the day or night to monitor their health. A post hospital caregiver from Home Care Assistance located in Phoenix, Arizona, can arrange the hospital discharge as well as provide transportation, supervise medication, and assist with everyday tasks like eating and bathing when the patient goes home. Our caregivers provide peace of mind and help seniors feels more secure and supported as they recover and rehabilitate in home.

    • Ensure a safe and clean home environment for homecoming and beyond.

      The senior’s home should be ready for his or her return. It should be clean and tidy to prevent accidents and fallswhile also allowing room for any mobility devices such as a wheelchair or hospital bed.

    Preparing a senior adult for hospital discharge requires thoughtful planning and preparation. With help from the devoted staff at Phoenix Home Care Assistance, transitioning to home recovery will be smooth, safe and comfortable for your elderly loved one. If you’re interested in learning more about our post hospital care plans, please visit or call 602.388.1085 to speak with one of our knowledgeable Care Managers.