Providing Purpose and Companionship for Seniors

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Sometimes a senior adult’s Golden Years don’t seem so golden. In one’s later years of life, when the responsibilities of work and raising a family are no longer a priority, he or she will face the ultimate question: now what is my life about? It’s a time when you reflect back to the trials and successes in your life and try to redefine what your purpose and destiny is now that you’re in your later years. But finding a purpose and someone to share that purpose with is very important when it comes to living a well-balanced and healthy lifestyle. Living with a purpose has been shown to increase satisfaction and joy, lead to better physical functioning and increase sleep regularity.

A study conducted by a group of doctors in 2010 also showed that older adults with high purpose scores were less likely to get Alzheimer’s disease, less likely to experience significant cognitive decline, less likely to get sick, and lived a longer life (

One of the key things to note about living a purposeful life is that part of your purpose should be sharing memories with valued loved ones in a safe community. Not only should you focus on immersing yourself in something of deep interest that somehow expresses who you are as a person, but you should find people to share these experiences with, whether it be a friend or an hourly Phoenix care companion.

If you’re feeling lost and without a clear purpose, delve into something new and exciting. Try learning a new skill in art, crafts, or computers. Consider learning and gaining more knowledge about a subject that has always interested you. Regain your love for gardening or writing. You are finally free to indulgeand take time for yourself. What a wonderful possibility!

If you or an aging loved one is in need of social companionship or in-home help with daily tasks contact the trusted provider of Phoenix senior care at (602) 388-1085. The trained and experienced in-home caregivers from Phoenix Home Care Assistance are happy to help you or your aging loved one live a full, balanced and purpose filled life well into their Golden Years.