What Your Handwriting Says about Your Health

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A person’s handwriting can tell the observer many things, even when it comes to health. As a matter of fact, studies report that a senior’s handwriting can indicate that certain health conditions are present or that an identified condition is progressing. The following are a few tell tale handwriting characteristics that may indicate a health problem is present.

  • Change in pressure

    . The handwriting of a senior who is experiencing a dramatic change in blood pressure can be noted not by the pattern of their writing, but by the intensity of pressure that they use to write. The handwriting of a senior with high blood pressure will typically go from a light to normal variation of color to a darker color. The change in pressure can also be observed in the opposite direction, from dark to light, but this is a rare finding.

  • Small, crowded letters.

    When a senior draws out small letters that seem very crowded and close together, regardless of adequate writing space, this may indicate that the individual is suffering from Parkinson’s disease. Handwriting will often take this compact form and continue to decrease in size to the point that the writing is difficult, if not impossible for someone to read. This writing style may be notable even before the initial diagnosis has been made. If you think your aging loved one has Parkinson’s, be sure to speak with a doctor as soon as possible so they can help determine the best plan of action and options for Parkinson’s care in Phoenix.

  • Under and oversized letters.

    A family member who notices a variation in the actual letters that a senior writes. They may become larger and smaller at random points throughout a sentence, lacking a normal pattern. This is often a warning sign of Alzheimer’s disease. If you notice this change in your loved one’s handwriting, also take note of the speed that they write at, which should be rather slow. Once a senior has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and requires specialty Alzheimer’s care in Phoenix, you may notice that their letters are now written in a jumbled manner. This often occurs as brain function declines and the senior experiences difficulty in remembering what they were writing.

Changes in a senior’s handwriting do not always point to a more serious condition, however should be checked out by a medical professional to rule out the possibility.

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