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Respite Care Services for Family Caregivers in Phoenix

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Being a family caregiver can take up a lot of emotional, mental, and physical energy. While filling the role of family caregiver can be a wonderful and worthwhileservice of love, caregivers can’t neglect to take time to care for themselves. Respite care is extremely vital for family caregivers in order to avoid caregiver stress or burnout while protecting their own emotional, physical and social health. We want to remind family members that taking care of yourself and admitting that you need an occasional break is not selfish, in fact, it’s anything but. You want to keep yourself in tip-top condition so that you can better take care of your aging parent.

This is where hourly at-home Phoenix caregivers can help. Hourly respite care allows family members the chance to take a quiet break, meet with friends, get some work done, go for a walk, or whatever else they need or desire to do with their free time. At Home Care Assistance, we understand that your life didn’t go on hold when your aging parent’s care needs arose.

So take advantage of the help that a Home Care Assistance respite caregiver can offer. A time of respite may be several hours a day or just for a few hours on weekends. There are various ways family members can invest “leisure time off” during respite. Here are a few examples:

  • Go see a movie
  • Enjoy a hike
  • Read a book outside
  • Spend a day at the spa
  • Treat yourself to a massage
  • Have lunch with friends
  • Go to the gym
  • Enjoy time with your kids and/or spouse
  • Go shopping

It is critical for adult children who are caring for a parent to have an arrangement for their own unique and separate self-care.  Many family members take on the burden of care out of love for their aging parent, but quickly realize that they’re overwhelmed and underprepared to handle the necessary tasks associated with in-home senior care. If this is the case, and you could use hourly or 24/7 senior care assistance, call Home Care Assistance – the trusted provided of Phoenix home care – at 916.226.3737.