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What to Do if You Think Your Aging Parent Has Alzheimer’s

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A certain amount of memory loss comes with age, but if you notice your mother or father just isn’t as sharp as she or he used to be or is forgetting important things like birthdays, it’s impossible to stop your mind from racing with possibilities. The senior care experts at Home Care Assistance, a leading provider of Alzheimer’s home care in Phoenix, offer these signs to watch out for and tips on what to do if you suspect your aging parent has Alzheimer’s.

Signs and Symptoms

Memory loss is one of the most significant and noticeable signs of Alzheimer’s. For instance, if your parent asks you to repeat the same information over and over again or suddenly forgets important dates he or she used to remember, it could be a sign of Alzheimer’s.

Seniors with Alzheimer’s also experience changes in mood and personality. Your senior loved one may withdraw from normal activities and keep to themselves more. He or she also might become easily confused, and may not trust people so easily anymore.

What to Do

If you suspect Alzheimer’s, you should call your senior loved one’s doctor as soon as possible to examine your parent. If the doctor does diagnose Alzheimer’s, don’t panic. Early treatments can delay the symptoms and ensure a high quality of life for some time.

If your loved one is diagnosed, it’s also important to find local support groups. The Alzheimer’s Association has chapters in most big cities, and having people to talk to who are going through the same thing as you will help reduce stress, anxiety, and is beneficial to your overall mental health and wellbeing.

You’ll also want to think about long-term care for your aging parent. This means getting legal affairs in order while he or she is still fully capable of making decisions on their own, but also planning actual physical care. Research shows aging in place is ideal for seniors with Alzheimer’s. If that’s a possibility, find a 24/7 live-in caregiver in Phoenix who can assist your loved one with daily activities and promote safety in the comfort of home.

Finding out your parent has Alzheimer’s can be a stressful experience. The senior care experts at Phoenix Home Care Assistance can help. Our caregivers can provide transportation, attend doctor’s appointments and take detailed notes, give medication reminders, cook meals focused on brain-boosting foods, and provide mental stimulation with games and activities designed to slow cognitive decline. Call us today at (602) 388-1085. Our experienced Care Managers can answer your questions and schedule a complimentary in-home consultation.