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3 Tips for Promoting Senior Dignity After a Stroke

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In the aftermath of a stroke, seniors may experience a variety of physical or cognitive health challenges that make daily activities difficult. As a result, seniors who have experienced a stroke experience low-self esteem or feelings of embarrassment. If your elderly loved one is a stroke survivor, read on for some ways that the senior care experts at Home Care Assistance of Phoenix suggest can help promote senior dignity.

1. Support Independence

While it is normal to be extra protective of your loved one following a stroke, it is also important to allow him or her to retain a level of control over his or her daily activities. Giving your loved one the opportunity to make choices about what to wear and what to eat can help ensure your loved one avoids negative self-views. Selecting in-home stroke care in Phoenix can also help your loved one maintain feelings of independence by allowing him or her to continue living safely at home, while also giving you peace of mind knowing a professional caregiver is available 24-hours a day.  

2. Encourage Activity

Homebound seniors frequently experience feelings of boredom or depression. To help your loved one avoid these feelings, encourage him or her to participate in easy activities that will make him or her feel accomplished. Some tasks, like participating in making dinner or helping with other chores around the house, can make your loved one feel good by allowing him or her contribute to the household and by being able to demonstrate his or her physical or cognitive abilities.

3. Promote Socialization

An important part of senior dignity depends on maintaining meaningful social ties. Seniors recovering from a stroke frequently find that opportunities to socialize help negate some feelings of isolation and loneliness. As it can be hard for seniors recovering from a stroke to leave the home, encourage family members and friends to stop by frequently for visits. You may also consider locating stroke support groups or community events for seniors, which offer opportunities for your loved one to meet new people.

At Home Care Assistance, we are dedicated to ensuring that families in Phoenix have access to in-home senior care that promotes an efficient stroke recovery. In addition to our post-stroke care services, we also offer a variety of senior care services, including in-home dementia, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s care in Phoenix. To learn more about our home care options, give an experienced Care Manager a call at (602) 388-1085 and schedule a complimentary in-home consultation.