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5 Tips for Senior Fall Prevention

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It’s tough when anyone takes a spill, but it’s especially hazardous for seniors who take longer to heal and are at greater risk of breaking a bone. Sometimes, an elderly fall leads to significantly decreased mobility and independence. To help keep your senior loved one healthy and active, here are five tips from Home Care Assistance of Phoenix that will help reduce the risk of senior falls.

1. Keep the Environment Safe

Check regularly for things that can cause a fall including electric cords, loose carpeting, extra-long cords from blinds, or anything else that a foot can get caught on. If possible, rearrange furniture to create wider spaces for your senior loved one to walk in throughout the house.

2. Stay Hands-Free in the Home

Keep a shoulder bag on hand so that your elderly relative can carry items from room to room while maintaining full use of his or her hands and arms for balance. Encourage them to ask for help when needed and avoid carrying heavy or awkward items.

3. Know About Prescription Side Effects

Know what side effects any prescriptions cause, such as dizziness or tiredness. It’s safer for your loved one to take such medications at bedtime to reduce the amount of time they’re moving around.

4. Practice Bathroom Safety

Make sure there are safety rails in the shower and by the toilet, a rubber mat in the bathtub, non-skid rugs or carpeting on the floor, and no loose objects in the bathroom. If possible, secure a chair or bench in the shower for your loved one to use while bathing.

5. Get Extra Lamps

When your senior loved one is in an environment of dark or even average lighting, he or she is more likely to fall over things they didn’t see or trip over shadows that appear to be objects. Also, place lamps at the entrance of every room and nightlights in the hallways for added safety.

A few simple changes to the home will make a huge difference in senior fall prevention. If you have concerns about your loved one living at home alone, find part-time or live-in care in Phoenix through Home Care Assistance. Our caregivers are compassionate, highly trained, and available around-the-clock. Call a Care Manager at (602) 388-1085 to schedule your free in-home consultation today.