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Hosting a Senior-Friendly Holiday Party

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Holiday parties are a great way to connect with family and friends and celebrate the wonderful winter season. As you set about planning your party, it’s extremely important to consider the needs of your guests, especially elderly loved ones who will be in attendance.  In order to best accommodate seniors at your holiday shindig, consider these five things presented by the home care experts at Phoenix Home Care Assistance.


When people think of holiday parties, they often visualize a nighttime bash with twinkling lights. However, winter roads are often slippery, and patches of ice and snow are hard to see, especially at night. Instead of hosting an evening gathering, opt for a Saturday or Sunday afternoon. Festive decorations, holiday music, and tasty treats will make a daytime party just as cozy and fun as a nighttime fête.

Guest List

Make sure your senior loved one has other seniors to talk to. At parties we tend to pair ourselves with those who remind us of, well, us. If you only have one senior on your guest list, politely invite them to bring 2 or 3 guests of their own to ensure he or she will feel comfortable and have companionship at the party. If your loved one has an hourly or live-in caregiver in Phoenix, be sure he or she is also on the guest list.


Keep an eye on the stereo dial. Loud music makes it hard to hold a conversation for just about everyone. You will want to be mindful of both those who have hearing aids, and those who may not. Elderly guests who feel they can’t speak or hear over loud music could wind up feeling left out and uncomfortable.


Ensure there is plenty of seating for elderly guests. Standing for two or three hours is taxing on anyone, especially seniors. If your party is in a larger space, be sure there is ample seating throughout so seniors don’t feel confined to one area. If there will be folks in attendance who use wheelchairs, make sure they can comfortably maneuver within the space.


As we age, so do our palettes. Offer plenty of healthy and flavorful dishes that aren’t jalapeño-hot or brimming with enough salt to make the guests float. There should also be a wide selection of non-alcoholic beverages available.

The holidays are a wonderful time to get together with the people you love most. When planning your holiday party this winter, take into account the needs of your senior relative and other elderly guests who might be in attendance. Home Care Assistance, a leader in Phoenix home care, offers hourly and live-in care services, and provides complimentary in-home consultations. To schedule a free consultation, call (602) 3881085 to speak with a Care Manager today.