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Handling Home Care Disputes with Siblings

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Around-the-clock or hourly senior care in Phoenix is a wonderful service for aging adults who need assistance with daily tasks, but wish to remain in the comfort of their own home.  Unfortunately, figuring out who should be the primary provider of care for an aging parent is far too frequently a cause of stress and can sometimes create conflict among siblings. Let’s examine some of the common problems and solutions when it comes to handling sibling conflict regarding home health care.

Cost of Home Health Care

Problem: Siblings sometimes disagree over who will help pay for home care services. Some siblings will argue it should be divided equally while others will campaign that those with greater resources should chip in more.

Solution: First, siblings should know there are options available to help fund home health care and should examine these options first. Once you all know exactly how much it will cost, set aside a time to discuss finances with each other and with your elderly parent to see how much you each have to contribute to home care services.

Hurt Feelings

Problem: Some siblings may mistakenly feel as though they are being replaced by an in-home caregiver and may begin to feel unneeded or distant from their aging parent.

Solution: A professional and experienced live-in Phoenix caregiver will be sure to keep all lines of communication open, reminding siblingsthat they can and should still be present as often as possible in their parent’s life. Also, let distressed siblings know that professional senior care services will allow greater peace of mind in knowing that he or she will no longer need to shoulder all the home health care responsibilities.


Problem: A sibling does not trust a home health care worker to give the emotional and physical care their parent needs.

Solution:If you hire a reputable senior caregiver from Home Care Assistance of Phoenix, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that all of our caregivers are experienced, trained and have passed multiple background checks and a psychological exam to check for integrity and honesty. Our caregivers tend to all of your aging parent’s needs – emotional, physical, mental and social – to ensure a high quality of life.

Furthermore, a Phoenix caregiver from Home Care Assistance works closely with your aging parent and your entire family, serving as a source of support and guidance to help you adjust to your aging loved one’s new level of dependency. To have your questions answered or to set up a free, no-obligation consultation, call Home Care Assistance in Phoenix at (602) 388-1085.