5 Tips Aging Adults Can Use When Job Hunting

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Many seniors don’t have the luxury of fully retiring from the workforce, and some choose to work part-time to keep themselves busy for a few hours a day. However, finding a new job later in life can be tough. If your elderly loved one is looking for a job, Phoenix, AZ, in-home senior care professionals have 5 tips to make the search simpler.

1. Clean Up the Resume

If your loved one is concerned about age discrimination, scrubbing dates from early work experience or only including the last 10 to 15 years of experience on a resume can be helpful. Though a hiring manager only needs simple math skills and common sense to determine an applicant’s age from a lengthy resume, a trimmer document may help your loved one get his or her foot in the door.

2. Maintain a Professional Online Presence

Temporarily removing older-looking pictures from social media, especially LinkedIn or Facebook, can also help your loved one manage impressions regarding age. These pictures don’t need to be deleted permanently, just tucked away during the job hunt. Using a slightly younger picture may inspire confidence in your loved one. He or she should use the most recent flattering, yet professional picture available.

3. Provide Accurate Information on Applications

Date of birth (DOB) is often required on job applications. As with all parts of an application, your loved one should provide accurate information to prevent possible issues with fraud later. Some states have a stronger commitment to fight ageism in the workplace. In these cases, the DOB field may be optional, and your loved one may want to consider leaving it blank. 

4. Highlight the Use of Technology

In some ways, facility with newer technology is what divides older and younger workers. If your loved one has skills in any sort of technology, he or she should try to showcase these skills. He or she can do this in part by using modern email providers like Gmail or Yahoo! instead of older providers like Hotmail or AOL. Your loved one should also pay special attention the computer skills section on applications.

5. Send a Thank You Email

After an interview, your loved one may be tempted to send a physical thank you card by mail. However, this is an antiquated practice in many industries. Instead, suggest your loved one send his or her sentiments via email, which is more modern and immediate. The result is likely to give off a better impression.

If your loved one is looking for work in the retirement years but needs transportation or assistance with hygiene-related tasks, reach out to Home Care Assistance. Our dedicated caregivers can help with the above tasks, and we also offer specialized Parkinson’s, stroke, and dementia care Phoenix, AZ, seniors trust. For more information on our at-home care services, please call 602.388.1085 to schedule a no-obligation consultation.